What do you want to learn and why?

“Education is a journey not a destination.” ~ Prescott College

Becoming a self-directed life-long learner is a constant pursuit that continues regardless of age, education, training, or experience.

Many people have experienced the conventional education paradigm that suggests the teacher “educates” while the students “become educated”. Or, the teacher “gives” an education and the students “receive” the knowledge and information provided. This orientation can result in students feeling disempowered and showing less initiative and taking less personal ownership over their learning journey. In many cases, students are not taught (or given the option) to take responsibility for their learning, and to hold themselves accountable for that process.

Self-directed learning empowers YOU, the learner, to critically consider what you want to learn, why you want to learn it, how you are going to learn it, and how you will know if you’ve learned it. This process puts you in the drivers seat of your learning journey.

Your next assignment is to create a self-directed learning contract for this Master Class that lists your goals, the rationale behind choosing each goal, and how you want to demonstrate your learning (to yourself, to the group, and/or to me).

Master Class Learning Contract

Your learning contract is DUE EMAILED TO ME by June 4th. The reason for the quick turn around is that I will be using your individual learning goals to build the class syllabus and the corresponding learning modules. If you can’t meet that deadline, just let me know what is realistic for you.

Once I have received your learning contracts I may have additional questions or comments, and will correspond via email.

And, cheers to choosing to do something FOR YOU –  for taking a risk – for spending the time and resources on this learning journey– as it is my belief that engaging in life long learning is a testament to our willingness to grow and change both personally and professionally.

SEND LEARNING CONTRACT TO: lhallberg1@gmail.com