Who are you?

That’s a big question. And, for your first Master Class reflection assignment, I would like you to practice an exercise in authenticity and professionalism all wrapped up into one short, personal bio (200 words or less).

In today’s world, connecting with people is so important, and most of time when asked the question, “who are you”, or tasked with writing a bio, all the masks come out. We spend hours agonizing over what to write, and we throw out big words and impressive accomplishments, hoping to establish our credibility. Sometimes that works, but mostly it puts up a wall between you and “them” (whoever “them” is). Or, if you are like me, you stumble around trying to figure out how to answer authentically in a way that feels real and connective – and somehow you never get around to sharing what IS important about your accomplishments. 

There is a middle path, one in which you can practice authenticity while also honoring your knowledge, wisdom, and experience. And, for our Master Class, it is important that other group members know about you – authentically, personally, and professionally.

So, as you craft your short bio, consider the following:

  1. What do I want people in this Master Class to know about me and why? Note: You don’t have to add the “why” into your bio, just think about it as you are picking what information to share.
  2. What skills, knowledge, and experience do I have that might contribute to this group?
  3. What are my interpersonal strengths and challenges?
  4. What gifts am I willing to share with this group?
  5. What help might I need from this group?

Enjoy the ride! xx